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Welcome to and our extensive online catalog of Swords, Knives, Self Defense Weapons and Outdoor Gear, as well as a large variety of Anime and Video Game Collectibles. We also have a huge selection of Medieval Arms and Armor and Renaissance Fair worthy attire. All of this comes with an unmatched dedication to providing the absolute highest levels of customer service we can feel free to give us a call anytime during business hours (8:30AM-5:30PM EST Mon-Fri, closed for lunch between 12:30- 1:30PM), we are a Better Business Bureau Accredited company that values all of our customers, at your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

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Ninja Rising Vengence 1045 Steel Full Tang Handmade Sword
Regular: $248.99
Your Price: $69.99
This Ninja Rising Vengence Sword features a 1045 High Carbon Steel blade with a mirror polish finish, screws inserts, ABS insert on the handle and a black durable faux leather sheath with belt loop and nylon waist cord. Overall Length: 38.7 inches
Legend of Zelda Link Twilight Master Sword
Regular: $209.99
Your Price: $59.99
The Zelda Twilight Princess Link Sword is a major sword in the game. Link depends on his sword to battle evil. Overall it is about 50 inches inside scabbard. The blade is stainless steel and about 36 inches long with a factory edge.
Fantasy Knight Skull Helmet
Regular: $314.89
Your Price: $99.99
Fierce fantasy knight helmet constructed from 18 gauge steel
Legendary Dark Wing Bat Throwing Axe
Regular: $70.99
Your Price: $19.99
Crescent Medieval Drinking Horn with Brown Leather Holder
Regular: $59.99
Your Price: $22.99
Medieval drinking horn decorated with fire burned crescent design with brown leather holster
Zombie Killer Octane Bolo Machete
Regular: $88.79
Your Price: $24.99
23.75 inch full tang bolo machete with an 18 inch blade
17-Piece Pocket Lock Picking Kit
Regular: $46.19
Your Price: $12.99
Discrete 17-piece lock picking kit small enough to fit inside of a pocket with large assortment of picks
Red Eye Emergency Spring Assist Knife
Regular: $42.59
Your Price: $11.99
Heavy duty emergency spring assist knife with strong metal handle and glass breaker on tip
Demonic Skull Self Defense Keychain
Regular: $29.99
Your Price: $7.99
Bearing a detailed demonic skull design with a poly-resin body construction this keychain sports deadly 1 inch fang spikes.
Silent Assassin Black Mask
Regular: $35.49
Your Price: $9.99
High quality neoprene face mask that features full coverage of the face and ears which is warm and water resistant.
Gentlemen Classical Walking Black Cane Sword
Regular: $69.99
Your Price: $19.99
This exquisite sword cane features an all metal alloy body with a knob handle. It offers a 440 stainless steel blade with a black lacquer finish steel shaft and a very detailed handle. It comes with extra rubber tip. Overall length 36 inch.
The Hunted Zombie Killer Tracker T-3 Knife
Regular: $53.29
Your Price: $14.99
The wide bladed Tracker knife is unique in all it's many possibilities. Overall it is 11 inches long and comes with a free sheath.
Skullz Survival Military Paracord Bracelet-Blue & White
Regular: $29.99
Your Price: $7.99
Overall Length: 10 Inches Paracord Length: 17.06 Feet Paracord Standard: MIL-C-5040H Type III Paracord Strength: 550lbs Type III Paracord bracelets are made with cord that can hold 550lbs test weight and last forever.
Lacerater Zombie Killer 3 Piece Throwing Knife Set
Regular: $38.99
Your Price: $10.99
Set of three 7.5 inch throwing knives with 3.5 inch blade and durable 4 inch handle with textured grip.
Ninja Grab & Nab Spring Folding Grappling Hook
Regular: $64.99
Your Price: $19.99
Grab your prey and reel them in with the 10.5 inch hook. Rope is nylon and goes 30 feet.
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Jarls Aristocracy Viking Knot and Weave Belt

Amazing belt
Lady Rowan (Canada)
6/27/2015 (3:22 PM EST)
I've been using this for about 6 months now. It does come with hole so I had to create my own. I wear this for SCA and it looks the part and has stood up really well. Great value!

Lucky Charm Four Point Throwing Star

Pretty good
Cole (Oregon)
6/27/2015 (2:58 AM EST)
These are really good for their really cheap price. Pros: they will stick into a wood board if thrown right, they are pretty safe in your hand and comfortable to throw. Cons: It was kinda hard to put the stars back into the sheath because a lot of times one of the points stuck out and poked me. And I had a friend who tried it out, He threw it at a wooden board, he missed, and hit the concrete causing one of the blades to break off.

Forgotten Passing Memories Game Key Sword Replica

Hurley (Charlotte)
6/26/2015 (10:36 AM EST)
been searching high and low for a kh gear and this did not disapoint next time you do another one add all the explosions and s*** hahahah

Drizzt Do'Urden Icingdeath Twinkle

Jimmy Pruitt (Clearwater, FL)
6/23/2015 (8:24 PM EST)
I was expecting some crap after the mishap in shipping when it was just USPS taking their sweet time (that commercial lied to me.) but I must say it was worth the wait. Like wow....quality product.

Forgotten Passing Memories Game Key Sword Replica

Indepth and informative review from a KH fan and sword enthusiast
Bryan (New Jersey)
6/9/2015 (6:24 PM EST)
This is the Oblivion Key blade from the amazing Kingdom Hearts video game franchise. Now to get down to it... Let me first start by saying kudos to SwordsSwords. They did a fantastic job with this key blade. Normally when weapon companies want to take a crack at video games and anime shows, they fall flat. Now, I understand functionality and what's feasible so I can sympathize with their attempts even when they don't turn out right. SwordsSwords set the bar above the rest with accurately portraying one of Kingdom Hearts most iconic key blades. Overall, the blade is solid, accurate, and functional. The blade is a single piece made from a resin mold. The mold they used makes a lot of sense rather than using wood or metal. Wood would be too prone to potentially snapping with the grain around weaker points and metal, while having a more authentic feel, would be way too heavy and unwieldy. The color is hand painted and spot on. The hoop link that holds the chain to the blade is a thin paper clip-Esq material, which is fine. It does its purpose and is easily removed and placed back on. You wouldn't really want to swing the blade around with the chain anyway. As for the weight, its somewhat heavy. Heavier than what wood would but much lighter than what a metal blade would give you. So using the blade will take some building strength and stamina, which would be beneficial for you. Now for the guard, be careful of the wing parts the point inward. They are a little sharp so just wear a long glove or perhaps cover them with some find of fabric or even sand them down. Functionality. It works. I would advise refraining from hitting anything or using for hard combat. It's not built like a functional sword so shock and vibration won't distribute properly and could crack or even snap the blade with enough force. Stick to forms and just swinging around. Ultimately, thank you SwordsSwords and awesome job. You should look into more key blade designs!

Medieval Barbarian Hero Sword

Frank A. (Thomasville, GA)
6/5/2015 (2:07 PM EST)
I wish this was battle ready but this is great anyways

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