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Sci-Fi Movies are one of our favorite categories of movies. We carry a full line up of Sci-Fi Movie Replica items. Most of these have a limited production, so the supplies run out fast. These collectibles are notorious for increasing in value as they get older. The soon you buy, the more likely you are to obtain a Sci-Fi Movie Replica.
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Conan Barbarian Antiquated Sword
Regular: $248.99
Sale Price: $66.88
This is the sword of Conan's father, a master black smith. Highly detailed, heavy, quality decorative sword. Overall Length: 40.5 Inches. Blade Length: 29 Inches.
Bat'leth Star Trek Sword of Kahless
Regular: $179.98
Sale Price: $77.39
Our Bat'leth Star Trek Sword of Kahless features an all one piece construction with an enormous length of 47 inch long and 11 inch wide. It comes with a leather wrap handle. Overall 47 inch