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Sword Of King Solomon Black
Regular: $199.99
Your Price: $59.99
A greatly detailed, highly prized sword that will always look great. Collectors beware, this sword is a highly intricate collectible. Length is 51 inches.
Pandora Tribal Dagger Hand Forged Blade Na-Vi
Regular: $88.99
Your Price: $24.99
This traditional tribal dagger is made of antiqued stainless steel. It looks like it has withstood the test of time. Blade: Hand Forged Carbon Steel, Damascus Style, Drop Point. Includes: Leather Sheath, Belt Loop, Snap.
Bakumatsu Sword of Moon Tears Katana
Regular: $109.99
Your Price: $29.99
Overall this sword is 40.25 inches long and made of 440 stainless steel with a factory sharp edge. As the legend tells, this sword has a history from the Tokugawa era in Japan. Scabbard is wooden and has metal fittings.
Bloodrayne Vampire Armblade Sword
Regular: $49.99
Your Price: $12.99
Our anime sword features a black anodize steel finish blade with cut out holes and it comes with armband and handle attachments. It comes complete with a black nylon sheath for easy carrying. Overall 27 inches.
Sword King Arthur Excalibur
Regular: $179.99
Your Price: $49.99
Measures 48 inches long and is made of stainless steel. This is the enchanted sword you are looking for.
Riddick Claws Gripper Dagger
Regular: $79.99
Your Price: $24.99
Jason Voorhees Friday The 13th Movie Replica Machete
Regular: $49.99
Your Price: $24.99
Truly a sawback machete with a long 18 inch blade. It is full stainless steel and has wooden handle grips. Get a free nylon sheath with loop and snap.
Pandora Braided Decorative Dagger
Regular: $39.99
Sale Price: $9.89
Pandora Traditional Tribal Dagger
Regular: $39.99
Sale Price: $9.89
Pandora Tribal Inverted Dagger
Regular: $39.99
Sale Price: $9.89
Pandora Clean Cut Dagger
Regular: $39.99
Sale Price: $9.89
Sweeney Todd Knife The Demon Barber
Regular: $39.99
Your Price: $10.99
This high quality strait edge knife is very shiny and smooth. Overall it is 11.25 inches long and made of gleaming stainless steel. Careful, it is very sharp.