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Medieval Sword Hilt Tempered Steel Dagger

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Large daggers were carried by knights and men-at-arms. While they were used for camp chores, they were mainly used on the battlefield where they were often the last line of defense. This classic form has a steel wheel pommel and down curving guard. The grip is wood covered in leather and wrapped with wire for extra grip. A strongly well-built non sharp blade is from tempered high carbon steel with a beautiful ridge line in the middle. It comes included with a matching wood scabbard wrapped with leather and carbon steel fittings. This dagger is built to last and made for cosplay, conventions or reenactments.
Please Note: Dagger Frog Does Not Come With Dagger.

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Overall Length: 18 inch
Blade Length: 10.75 inch
Blade Thickness: 5.14 mm
Blade Material: Tempered High Carbon Steel
Handle Length: 7.25 inch
Handle Material: Wood Covered with Leather and Wire Wrapped
Includes: Wooden Scabbard Wrapped with Leather and Steel Fittings

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