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  Kill Bill Sword

The kill bill swords are without doubt the most beautiful piece of art work that you will have laid eyes on. It is a collectibles item especially for the people who are charmed by antique swords that have a beautiful decor. The Kill Bill swords are one of the most prominent styles as far as the swords are concerned. In fact it would not be wrong to say that the kill bill swords are the kind of swords that have always been desired by the people who wanted a beautiful sword that is made up of pure material and exhibits class.
The Kill Bill swords had become popular all across the globe owing to its finesse. In fact it has been custom made in accordance to the movie and is entirely hand forged and is very functional in every sense. It comes with a carbon steel finishing.

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Kill Bill Handmade Hanzo Demon 1060 Carbon Steel Sword
Regular: $299.99
Your Price: $89.99
Let The Demon Out Of You. This awesome Hattori Hanzo sword is the real deal. Full katana length of 40 inches with a razor sharp 1060 carbon steel blade. This is the functional sword from the movie.
Musashi Kill Bill Brides Sword 1060 Carbon Steel Blade
Regular: $299.99
Your Price: $89.99
Straight out of Kill Bill, this 7.45mm thick hand forged blade is hand sharpened and built to the strict standards set by Musashi and is fully functional.
Handmade Kill Bill Brides Katana 1090 Carbon Steel Replica
Regular: $638.99
Your Price: $179.99
This sword is constructed from 1090 carbon steel, full tang, and the blade has been clay tempered. The hardwood scabbard has a glossy black finish with clear Urethane coating. Overall Length is 41.50 inches.
Hanzo Demon Handmade Kill Bill Movie Sword Replica
Regular: $638.99
Your Price: $179.99
Our Handmade Hanzo Demon Sword is constructed from 1090 carbon steel and is full tang. The tsuka (handle) is wrapped in real fish skin with a cotton ito, two menuki, and two bamboo pegs.Overall Length is 41.50 inches.
Kill Bill Movie Sword Guard
Regular: $16.99
Sale Price: $4.94
All steel cast and machined to match the sword guard from the movie Kill Bill. In other words, it is just like the Hitorri Hanzo sword guard, for serious sword collectors and fans. Comes in a wooden display bos with silk lining.
Hattori Hanzo Kill Bill Bride Bokken Set
Regular: $34.99
Your Price: $15.99