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ICS Multiple Grenade Launcher GLM Green Gas Airsoft Gun

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It is time to upgrade your squad's firepower. Modern warfare requires highly flexible tactical. A multiple grenade launcher is designed to achieve this goal when compared to traditional grenade launcher. Since multiple grenade launcher is a must-have, tactical light weight weapon for a small squad. ICS has design and manufacture the up-to-date multiple grenade launcher for airsoft. You and your squad now are able to simulate the techniques that the modern troops are utilizing in the game.

One word describes the Green Gas ICS GLM Grenade Launcher Airsoft Gun and that is power! With a metal and ABS construction and revolver-style functionality this Airsoft gun is what legends are made out of. This gun is sure to grab the attention of everyone you know with its size and looks. This Airsoft gun has an integrated rail system that will allow you to add on any of your favorite accessories and the included fore grip! With fire power of 435 FPS you are going to need to hold on as tight as possible every time you pull back the trigger! A collapsible Rear Stock allows you to customize the look and functionality of this gun making it extremely versatile for whatever style of combat you are in! Shoot this awesome grenade launcher with the 0.20g Professional BBs or just shoot it with the shell on the grenade. So hurry and get the Green Gas ICS GLM Grenade Launcher Airsoft Gun today because with this gun you will be a force to reckoned with! Grenade Shells Not Included.

How To Load The GLM Green Gas Grenade Launcher:
-When loading the grenades, pushing the revolver latch and rotate the cylinder out. After winding back the cylinder counterclockwise, you can load the grenades and rotate the cylinder back. After releasing the revolver latch, you are ready to fire.
-When the trigger is pressed, the firing pin strikes the grenade to launch grenade toward the target. In the same time gas pressure on a piston unlocks the cylinder and allows the spring to rotate it until the next chamber is aligned with the firing pin.
-ICS GLM for airsoft has no gas pressure to unlock the cylinder.

DO NOT GET THIS GUN WITHOUT THE GREANDE, Just click below for Grenade Bullets:
ICS Lightweight 40MM Grenade Launcher GLM Grenade Shell Set

WAIT! You will Also need your Green Gas To Go with Your GLM Gun, Just Click Below:
Power Green Gas 1000ml Refill Airsoft Gas Canister

Dont Forget To Pick Up Your 0.20g Professional Grade BBs. Just Click on Any One Below:
Airsoft ICS Professional Grade 0.20g High Quality BB Bullets Black
Airsoft ICS Professional Grade 0.20g High Quality BB Bullets

Velocity Velocity varies according to different gas pressure and grenade
Length (total): 29 inch
Length (fold): 25 inch
Barrel length: 8 inch
Caliber: 40mm
Works with 6 40mm Lightweight Grenade

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