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Hunting Recurve 120LBS Outdoor Crossbow

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Item Number: 2C1-MK120

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This setup gives you everything you need to hit the woods for a day of target practice or hunting. This has plenty of power to deliver an accurate blow to your target. With an astonishing 185 feet per second you are sure to make your kill. Our outdoor crossbow bear a fiberglass construction with a skeletal stock which makes it light weight to carry and handle in almost any hostile environment. It has a draw weight of 120lbs and shoots at 185 FPS with a power stoke of 11.5 inch. The barrel on our Hunting Recurve 120LBS Outdoor Crossbow is made with aluminum making it sturdy enough to handle any rough outdoor use. It works great with our 14 inch aluminum bolts and comes equipped with an adjustable sight, foot stirrup for ease of cocking, 2 starter aluminum bolts and auto safety mechanism.

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Overall Length: 26.5 Inches
Width: 26.5 Inches
Draw Weight: 120 lbs
Feet/Second: 185 FPS
Power Stroke: 11.5 Inches
Arrow Type: 14 Inch Bolt, Aluminum
Limb Material: Fiberglass
Barrel Material: Aluminum
Includes: Foot Stirrup, Adjustable Sight, 2 Arrow Starter Set, Auto Safety

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