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  Greek Era Swords

There were no better nor more well-made sword than the swords and weapons made by the Greeks who dominated the ancient world. While spears generally served as the primary weapon for Greek warriors throughout their vicious battles, the swords were the weapons used to finish off the vanquished foe!

Greek infantrymen were known as Hoplites. Derived from the roman word “hoplon” meaning armour, hoplites formed the backbone for the Greek people and were men who came from wealthier families bearing a responsibility to arm themselves. Not needed as full time soldiers, hoplites volunteered their time during war and served as the ultimate representation of the classical Greek warrior.

The hoplites would fight in a tight formation of spearmen called the phalanx, derived from the Greek word “phalangos” which means finger. Armed with huge shields that would rest on the soldier’s left shoulder to help protect the man directly next to him, this helped create a tight locking chain of defense. Typically 8 men deep, the front men held out long spears and pushed forward. The key to making this formation successful was to stay in formation as long as possible and not break ranks.

There were a few different swords that were used by the Greek soldiers. They were mainly the xiphos, makhiara, and the polearm. The xiphos was made of strong iron and was designed to taper down to the handle and heavy towards the tip of the blade, to help with hacking over the top of shields. This sword could do lots of damage by cutting with both a forward and backwards motion. The machaira was a sword with an extremely curved blade. The cutting edge was on the inside. People described this sword to be similar to a lions claw though it was not mainly used in war, instead it was kept by priests for religious rituals that were performed before battle. The polearm was similar to a spear except that the cutting edge ran parallel to the shaft. The weapon part was fitted to the end of a long wooden pole. This long shaft helped give the Greek soldiers better range. This weapon was the best weapon when it came to range.

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The Ancient Roman Foot Solider Gladius Sword is constructed of carbon steel and the handle is full hardwood with brass accents. Included is a wooden scabbard that is wrapped in black leather and hand-sewn. Overall length is 32 inches. © Copyright since 2005
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