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Glass Dragon Nunchaku Clear Acrylic

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Item Number: 7A5-NU019-100

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Crystal clear solid acrylic handles on these nunchaku are hard and powerful. A sound blow from these bad boys will trigger a concussive strike on a target. The unique acrylic handles contribute most of their shocking strike. However, the ball bearing chain provides lightning fast maneuvers in support of beginners and professional users. Steel fittings are fixed to the nunchaku and are about 7.5 inches long. They are riveted through the handle securely. Since the chain uses ball bearings, it may be a good idea to spray them with WD-40 to keep them quiet.

In the absence of edge weaponry during the Okinawan moratorium Satsuma daimyo, it is believed that the original nunchaku developed. Farmers used a longer tool version called a Southeast Asian Flail to work the rice and soybean crop. Okinawan people learned to defend themselves by cultivating new weapons and styles of fighting. Other theories have developed that the nunchakus evolved from other Okinawan tools such as a horse bridle.

Overall Length: 30.5 Inches
Handle: Clear Acrylic, Dragon Print
Chain: Steel, 7.5 Inches, Ball Bearing

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