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Free Gift Enforcer Key Chain Self Defense Kubaton

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Swordsswords would like you to have this Genuine Azan product for Free as a gift, just for placing an order with us. The Azan Enforcer is one of the most economically convenient self-defense products you will own. Weight of your keyring is an important factor to consider and Azan knows this. That is why Azan manufactures this Kubaton keychain out of hardened acrylic, reducing the weight and resistant up to 10,000 psi upon impact. Just fit it between your index and middle finger, showing only the head, and this self-defense Key Chain will reinforce your punch. Each of our Black Enforcer Key Chain Self Defense Kubaton comes equipped with a chromed-out steel key ring holster.

Length: 2.84 Inches
Width: 1.93 Inches
Thickness: 8.06mm
Head Diameter: 18.31mm
Material: Hard Molded ABS Material
Includes: Key Ring Size 25.50mm
Color: Pink, Black, Clear White, Blue, Green (Glows)
Item Number: AZL01-FREE
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Great Sassy Mollassey!!
Jeff Blake (Tucson, AZ) 6/7/2012 5:26 PM
I've ordered this keychain and can't wait to see how effective it is...but good lord! At no point in the design process of this kubaton keychain did someone look at it and say "Why are we shaping a blunt, jabbing weapon into the shape of a giant phallus?" ?!?!?! Just look at this thing! There's nothing else it could be but a hard plastic hoo-hoo. Oh, please let me show off how prepared I am to defend myself by slinging my keys around a mushroom-tipped piece of plastic. Honestly, most attackers will probably end up seeing this thing as an invitation, not a deterrent. I hope the 'designer' of this thing never chooses to design his own toothbrush or ear cleaner. I imagine that the chain of people which this thing must have to pass by is a long one. Yet I am flabbergasted at the obvious fact that absolutely nobody raised their hand at the drawing board, the production factory, or the purchasing meeting, and questioned the obscene shape of this 'weapon'. Perhaps I am wrong. I would like to think that somewhere in the life of this product there was one soul that just couldn't quietly let this continue in the pipeline. I imagine that in a Norma Rae moment of defiance, this courageous worker stood in defiance of the phallic kubaton, insisting a change, redesign, or flat out halting of this girthy keychain. "Is the mushroom tip absolutely necessary? What purpose could it possibly serve?! It would still serve its purpose without the helmet!" Perhaps a close, concerned friends ushered them aside. "You don't want to do this. Think of the kids", they whispered in a hushed tone. Suspicious glances from suit-clad men of power surrounding the two conspirators. They were probably then asked to quietly resign. Perhaps the troublemakers were casually called into dimly lit utility room where a door quietly 'Clicked' shut, followed moments later by two muffled POPS. 5 stars because my girlfriend loves the one I gave her for Christmas.