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  Covenant Sword

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Forked Titanium Color Metal Sword
Regular: $159.99
Your Price: $44.99
This 27 inch forked sword is the ideal melee choice. Here is the exact replica with the titanium finish. It is all stainless steel and has a factory edge. Awesome display piece.
Special Operations Titanium Double Scythe Power Sword
Regular: $159.99
Your Price: $44.99
The signature curved hilt is constructed of an ABS material with a silver and black painted finish and protruding from both sides are double scythe stainless steel heat treated blades. Overall length is 27 inches.
Titanium Color Forked Metal Sword Sheath
Regular: $49.99
Your Price: $11.99
Featuring a durable design from top to bottom, this Forked Titanium Metal Sword Sheath is made perfect for your Forked Sword. It comes equipped with a shoulder strap and snap buttons closure. Overall 28.75 Inches