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Cold Steel Long Shaft Assegai Spear

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The assegai as a long shaft throwing spear developed in ancient Africa and spread into Spain with the Berbers in the 11th century. Spanish Christian warriors became very adept in its use, and it was a popular weapon during the Reconquista period. However, the increasing use of gunpowder marked its demise in Europe and North Africa, while the development of the short staff stabbing assegai by the Zulu tribes ended its use in southern Africa. The 17 1/3"spearhead is constructed from SK-5 steel, then heat treated and drawn to a tough spring temper. This process enables the spearhead to flex or bend under impact stress rather than break. This spear stretches 5 foot 9" when attached to the premium ash shaft.

We also carry the sheath for this spear: Cold Steel Assegai Spear Long Shaft - Sheath

Cold Steel Long Shaft Assegai Spear
Overall Length: Appx. 69 Inches
Spearhead: SK-5 Steel, 17.25 Inches

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