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Ceremonial Viking Horned Helmet

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Images of fierce Viking warriors in horned helmets are legendary and our Ceremonial Viking Horned Helmet is perfect for capturing this image for costumes or as part of a display. Constructed from hand-forged 18 Gauge Steel with an aged finish, the rim of the helmet is double reinforced with steel bands and rivets secure the bands on the helmet. Detachable metal horns with a black finish as well as a 2.5 inch center spike on the crown give the helmet a fearsome look and feel. The helmet comes with a heavy duty adjustable leather liner and leather chin strap for a comfortable fit.

Though no records exist of their actual use in combat, the image of Viking warriors in horned helmets certainly struck fear into the hearts of Viking Age foes. Used primarily for ceremonial purposes, the horned helmet implied a connection to the Norse warrior gods like Odin and Thor who were often depicted wearing extravagant and ornate horned helmets.

War was the most prestigious activity in the Viking Age and beautifully finished armor and weapons were an important way for a warrior to display his status and wealth. A wealthy Viking would always have a metal helmet as a vital component of his ensemble along with his shield, a mail shirt and his weapons. Crafted in the spangenhelm pattern, authentic Viking battle helmets would feature a rounded cap and "spectacle" guard around the eyes and nose which give the appearance of a mask.

18 Gauge Steel
Approximate Weight: 3.75 Lbs
Height: 7 Inches for Helmet, 7 Inches for Horns, 2.5 Inches for Center Spike
Width: 8.25 Inches
Diameter: 9.25 Inches
Forehead Circumference: 26.77 Inches (68 cms)

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