Rapier Renaissance Sword w/ Leather Scabbard

Rapier Renaissance Sword With Leather Scabbard From www.swordsswords.com

Rapier Renaissance Sword w/ Leather Scabbard

The Rapier was the solution to chain mail and a break from the heavy European swords of the Middle Ages. The Rapier originated in Continental Europe and was best known for its use and schools in Spain and Italy, but by the middle of the 16th century the Rapier had wide spread use throughout all of Europe and even into England. Even today the Rapier is still widely used for sport in fencing. The Skull rapier is perfect for collectors and mock battles. The Rapier is light to use and has a good balance. The detail paid to the guard and pommel of the sword is quiet evident and shows in the skull and red velvet.
Attributes of the Weapon:
The blade of the sword is 440 stainless steel with a dulled edge on each side of the blade and a mirror polish finish. The blade also features a ricasso. The point of the blade is very sharp. The scabbard of the sword is black leather in a soft sheath. The drag of the scabbard is black steel as well as the scabbard throat. The guard of the sword is shell style with a red velvet backing and steel front. In relief on the front of the guard is a skull in full detail. Backing the skull is a complex pattern of steel and red velvet. The hand bow of the guard is standard of a rapier with two cross guards coming up from the shell of the guard. The handle of the sword is wire wrapped, in style of most rapiers. The pommel of the handle is solid steel with an oval design and sharp spikes, making the pommel a formidable weapon of its own accord.
A) Overall Length: 45"
B) Blade Length: 37"
C) Blade Steel: Stainless Steel
D) Blade: Unsharpened
E) Handle Material: Metal With leather wrap.

Price: $44.99
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