Full Tang Combat Ready KUKHRI Sword Knife

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Ghurka Kukri Full Tang Combat Ready Sword Knife

The Ghurka Kukri is an ancient weapon with the name dating back to the 7th century BC. The blade of the Ghurka Kukri is 440 stainless steel with a full tang. Along the upper portion of the flat are seven holes to better balance the knife and to act as a bloodline. At the bottom of the blade is a steel guard along the ricasso. The blade comes already sharpened. The handle of the Ghurka Kukri is wooden with three steel pins holding the tang. The sheath is black nylon with a zipper on top where the spine of the Ghurka Kukri rests. A black button secures the knife when being carried at the handle of the blade. At the back of the sheath is a black nylon adjustable carrying strap. Overall 19".

More About The Ghurka Kukri

When they come near, they suddenly crouch to the ground, drive under the bayonets and strike upward at the men with their knives, ripping them open in a single blow."
-Account from Unknown British Officer.
The Ghurka Kukri is an ancient weapon with the name dating back to the 7th century BC. It was widely used in Nepal as a farming tool and weapon. However, it did not reach fame until the British tried to gain control of India during the 1800?s. Although, the British were armed with rifles the Ghurka still drove them back using only there knives. The Ghurka would cleanly decapitate British soldiers and became the terror of the march and the march and the night.
Today the Ghurka is a still a well admired weapon and has been used in many martial arts weapon systems. This version of the Ghurka Kukri has a less aggressive curve but still has the same devastating slashing capabilities of its predecessors. The steel of the blade has been refined and changed to stainless steel and to help the balance holes have been placed along the upper flat of the blade. This is a fearsome weapon still and made for those not weak of heart or soul.

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