Angel Alita "Damascus Blade" HUGE Butterfly Sword - Battle Angel

Damascus Blade Sword from Battle Angel From

Damascus Blade Sword from Battle Angel

"...So naive. Steel of high purity is fragile... the impurities give life to the blade." - Ed (Creator Of The Damascus Blade)

Now you can own this rare type of weapon. This is the Damascus Blade Butterfly Knife from the Anime movie Battle Angel Alita: Last Order. This Knife is one giant butterfly knife that has been beautifuly crafted from stainless steel to look like the exact replica of the Damascus Blade used by Alita in Battle Angel Alita: Last Order. This piece comes with a FREE Sword Holder. When opens, this Knife measures 37 3/4" and when closed 20 3/4" long. The handle is made up of stainless steel and pakwood. The wood is ribbited on the stainless steel for a sturdy feeling. The blade has 7 holes in it for a classy look and is razor sharp. This sword is one heavy piece of weapon. So add this new collection to your sword collection.
A) Overall Length (Open): 37 3/4"
B) Overall Length (Closed): 20 3/4"
C) Blade: 17 1/2"
D) Handle: 20 1/4"
E) Handle is made out of Stainless Steel and Wood

More About Alita & Her Weapon:

Alita (known as "Gally" in Japan) is the main character of Battle Angel Alita and its followup, Battle Angel Alita: Last Order, both written by Yukito Kishiro. She is renowned for her fighting prowess and skill at the most popular sport in the Scrapyard, motorball. Alita is occasionally referred to as "octopus-lips" due to her pouty expression.
In the first book of the series, Alita’s damaged head and torso are found by exiled scientist Daisuke Ido while he searches the scrapyard for parts to use in his cyborg repairs. Ido decides to fully rebuild Alita. When the reanimated Alita suspects Ido of murdering women to provide her body parts, her guilt causes her to track and confront Ido. She discovers that he is a hunter-warrior, or bounty hunter, and that he is seeking the true killer himself. Her fight to protect Ido causes an instinctive recollection of the lost Martian battle technique called Panzer Kunst, as she quickly applies a single killing blow to the murderer. She decides to become a hunter-warrior herself, in which job Alita occasionally displays a disturbing bloodlust and love of battle. Alita's drive and skill makes her the best hunter-warrior the Scrapyard has seen. Her skill and reputation as a hunter-warrior and motorball player elicited interest from Tiphares, the elite society suspended over the scrapyward to which which she harbors some hostility. Eventually, after a confrontation with a resurrected and enhanced rival, Alita is forced to become an agent for Tiphares. Despite this ironic twist of fate, Alita thinks of herself as a possible bridge between the utopian Tiphares and impoverished Scrapyard.
The damascus blade was created by Lam Dao and given to Alita by her motorball mechanic, Ed. The blade is hard as diamond, and can only be honed with high-pressure water or supersonic waves. The blade consists of rare metals, including scandium, yttrium and lutetium. The blade seems to represent Alita herself, as the imperfections and emotions that Alita has made her tougher than the emotionless AR-class clones. This link between blade and bearer is further recognized in Last Order, when Desty Nova merges the blade into Alita's new Imaginos body to improve its durability. Later in the series, Alita often chooses to reproduce the blade by morphing her malleable Imaginos body.

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