Bloodrayne Vampire Sword

Bloodrayne Vampire Sword From

Bloodrayne Vampire Sword

BloodRayne sword is the weapon of Rayne who is a half human and half vampire raised and trained by a secret agency to hunt down supernatural threats around the globe. Set in the 18th Century, she will make an attempt to overthrow her father Kagan-King of all vampires. This is one solid piece of hard anodized black 440 stainless steel that stretches an amazing 30 long. Unlike any other sword in its class, this hi-tech offers a handle with firm gripping power. Simply grab the handle, and your ready to go! This awsome weapon also comes with a wall display where you can display and showoff your new BloodRayne Sword. This weapon has a highly sharp edges and hook. This weapon also appears in the super video game hit BloodRayne & Bloodrayne II. These weapons were wielded by the Dhampir, Agent Bloodrayne in her battle against; Nazis, mutants, creatures, and vampiric abominations.These weapons feel amazing on your arms and are sure to be a fast favorite in your weapons collection.
A) Overall Length: 30"

Price: $19.99
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