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Arachnophobia Spider Cane Sword

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Item Number: 1B7-CS1378

Put your hand on this Arachnophobia Spider Cane Sword if you dare. The handle is solid acrylic with a spider inside of it. Each sword cane is different because it contains a spider caught naturally in the wild. Comfort is enhanced with the smooth, rounded surface of the acrylic handle. It looks like a standard sized sword cane with an exclusively elegant spider inside (if spiders could be called elegant). 

The Arachnophobia Spider Cane Sword may look inconspicuous, but it hides a fierce bite within the cane shaft. Reveal the sword blade by pulling it out by the handle. The sharpened stainless steel blade is double edged and ready to bite. Threads securely into sheath when not in use. 

Yes, you can actually walk on this cane and it holds body weight. The shaft pole is made of steel. A matte black finish is applied with antiqued aluminum fittings on each end. At the bottom lies a rubber foot for soft, comfortable walking. Arachnophobia strikes! 

Overall Length: 33.5 Inches
Blade Length: 15.25 Inches
Blade: Stainless Steel, Double Edge
Blade Thickness: 2.02mm
Sharpness: Mildly Sharpened
Handle: Clear Acrylic, Actual Spider Inside
Scabbard: Steel Pole, Black, Rubber Foot
Features: Real Spider, No Two are the Same

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