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You like to keep what you see in your television screen?
There are so many Swords being used in different TV shows which often catch you fantasy. Yes! I am talking about all those TV Swords which you have seen in movies, animated games or in TV Shows. You might have liked Samurai Katana used by Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai. There are many other TV Show Swords and weapons you might have seen either on computer screen or on TV screen. Below are some of the popular swords which really attract you;
How about having Zelda’s Shield??
Well every game freak and weapon admirer has definitely heard about this gorgeous shield. This bluish shield is really a masterpiece and worth keeping. It definitely makes you feel the true legend of Zelda who is out to save the princess.
What you think about deadly Samurai Katana??
This is the strongest and best performing Japanese style blade. The use of Swedish powdered steel, used in the construction of these swords, results in outstanding quality and performance. Strength, edge holding, and beauty have all been significantly enhanced by the use of this steel along with the complex folding process. The tsuba is steel and engraved with a Samurai drawing his sword. Each of these blades is individually hand forged and folded, heat treated, and mounted. Even with these design parameters each sword is unique. These all features definitely lure anyone to buy it and for that person we are ready to load him with this Katana.
Don’t you want Kill Bill Sword?
Bill's Sword is 41 1/2" overall katana. These swords have a sharpened 27 3/4" 440 stainless blade with simulated temper line. Imitation ray skin handle with black cord wrap. Black finishes steel tsuba. Black finish aluminum scabbard.
Ichigo Kurosaki’s Bleach Anime Swords:
Popularity of animation series makes the weapons if Ichigo gets famous as well, so bleach swords are always got the attraction of bleach fans. There are number of bleach swords as the different characters have used different swords and weapon thoroughout the series. Following is the description of two different bleach swords:
Sword of Hitsugaya Toushiro:
Product Details:
• Overall Length: 40"
• Handle Length: 12"
• Blade Length: 28"
• Guard and Fittings: Metal
• Blade Material is of 440 Stainless Steel
• Handle Material is of hardwood with Nylon Cord wrap
These are some swords which are known to everyone and most of us really want to have such heroic swords. Those who are really looking for such TV Show Swords they better to stop at SwordsSwords and they will be entertain with all kinds of swords. We also made TV Show Swords on orders according to your desire. We would be looking forward toward your orders because we like you to provide the best swords and weapons.
You name the sword and you will get here at
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Stealth Action Metal Ninja Rising Japanese Sword
Regular: $63.99
Your Price: $24.99
The Stealth Action Metal Ninja Rising Japanese Sword has a wooden stained scabbard and handle that features Japanese Kanji. The Blade is constructed of carbon steel with a length of 27.25 inches the handle and scabbard are wood. Overall length 38.5 inches
Ninja Assassin Raizo Twin Sword Set
Regular: $69.99
Your Price: $19.99
This Ninja sword offers a two set with each blade is a 440 stainless steel black anodize factory sharp edge finish. The handle is wrap with a black nylon cord and it comes with a black nylon sheath. Overall 27 inches each
Devil May Cry Red Queen Sword of Nero
Regular: $249.99
Your Price: $69.99
The Devil May Cry Red Queen Sword of Nero is one massive sword featuring a huge 39 inch blade with an overall length of 51 inch.
Vengeance Rising Metal High Consistency Machete Gear
Regular: $88.99
Your Price: $24.99
The handle is an ABS material. It includes a heavy duty sheath built to last with nylon pouch for a shot gun magazine, built-in sharpening stone, and an adjustable quick release military holster. Overall Length: 12 Inches.
Black Vengeance Rising Metal High Consistency Machete Gear
Regular: $88.99
Your Price: $24.99
This machete is full tang construction with a black anodized finish. This distinct blade is sharp with a rounded cleaver style blade. The spine of the blade features a dulled saw and gut hook. Overall Length: 25 Inches.
 Majestic Dark Eagle Assassin Video Game Medieval Sword
Regular: $177.99
Your Price: $49.99
This close range weapon features a double edged stainless steel blade, with a faux leather wrapped handle with spiral wire detailing. A cast aluminum cross guard is wide spread eagle wings and the pommel being an eagle’s head. Overall Length 32.25".
Heirloom Dante Rebellion Devil Claymore Foam Sword
Regular: $70.99
Your Price: $19.99
This sword is constructed from Polyurethane foam with a 10 mm inner core and hand painted. The black grip is bone and advances down to the guard that is a horned demon skull leading to a rib cage from which the blade protrudes. Overall length is 43 inches
SAO Knights of the Blood Liberator Sword
Regular: $230.79
Your Price: $64.99
High quality replica of the personal sword worn by Heathcliff, leader of the Knights Of The Blood from the popular anime series Sword Art Online (SAO)
Handmade Japanese Ichigo Tensa Manga Functional Sword
Regular: $199.99
Your Price: $79.99
Our Ichigo Tensa handmade sword features a 1045 carbon steel razor sharp full tang blade with a steel guard and pommel. Cotton wrap handle and decoration chain comes with this sword. Includes sword bag, stand, gift box, wooden scabbard. Overall 41.50 inch
Zelda Dark Night Foam Training Sword
Regular: $49.99
Your Price: $18.99
Made from the toughest Polyurethane foam, this accurate Zelda Dark Night Foam Training sword is made to last with its all one piece PVC inner core. It offers a hand paint finish with grey, gold and blue. Overall 41.5 inches
Ichigo Tensa Japanese Anime Handmade Katana
Regular: $319.99
Your Price: $89.99
This handmade katana features a 1060 high carbon steel blade, a wooden black glossy finish scabbard and steel guard. Black cord wrap handle and full tang construction. Includes sword bag, gift box and stand. Overall 41.75 inches
Zelda Triforce Link Wooden Sword
Regular: $74.99
Your Price: $22.99
Zelda Triforce Link Wooden Sword. A real wooden display sword. This has a very nice gloss finish and is very smooth. Measures 37.5 inches long and is perfect for cosplay. The scabbard and sword have a very nice glossy finish.
Cyborg Ninja Rising Futuristic 1045 Carbon Steel Sword
Regular: $178.99
Your Price: $69.99
The full tang blade offers a 1045 High Carbon Steel construction with mirror polished finish and is 25.5 inches. The wooden handle is 12 inches long with aluminum screws. The ABS and wooden scabbard is included. Overall length is 39.5 inches.
God Of War Twin Blade Short Dagger
Regular: $219.99
Your Price: $59.99
This God of War dagger features twin blade with 440 stainless steel construction. The handle are wrapped with soft leather material and this beauty comes equipped with a free well designed wall plaque. Overall 16.75 inch
Ninja Rising Vengence 1045 Steel Full Tang Handmade Sword
Regular: $248.99
Your Price: $69.99
This Ninja Rising Vengence Sword features a 1045 High Carbon Steel blade with a mirror polish finish, screws inserts, ABS insert on the handle and a black durable faux leather sheath with belt loop and nylon waist cord. Overall Length: 38.7 inches
Demon Daedric Warrior Quest Role Play Dagger Full Size Replica
Regular: $141.99
Your Price: $39.99
This dagger is replicated from the Daedric dagger in a very popular role playing game. This steel dagger has a stone finish that is weathered and pitted with hand painted accents and looks similar to a scimitar. Overall Length: 24.25 Inches.
Dark Link Shadow Legend of Zelda Hylian Foam Shield
Regular: $177.99
Your Price: $39.99
The Dark Link Foam Shield is constructed from high quality Polyurethane foam with a resin back. The handle is nylon with a Velcro adjustable arm strap is affixed to the back. Overall length is 21.75 inches.
Legend of Zelda Link Twilight Master Sword
Regular: $209.99
Your Price: $59.99
The Zelda Twilight Princess Link Sword is a major sword in the game. Link depends on his sword to battle evil. Overall it is about 50 inches inside scabbard. The blade is stainless steel and about 36 inches long with a factory edge.
Futuristic Fantasy Zombie Slasher Tanto Sword
Regular: $144.99
Your Price: $39.99
This tanto sword is an all one piece construction sword made from 440 stainless steel with satin finish. It is 32.5 inches long and 4mm thick. Comes with free nylon sheath.
A Link to the Past Zelda Master Sword
Regular: $212.99
Your Price: $59.99
This sword features a solid 30.5 inch stainless steel blade. The handle features an ABS construction. The scabbard is crafted from solid wood and has been finish with a silver finish and golden accents. Overall Length: 44.50 Inches.
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