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  Robin Hood Sword

Amongst the Robin Hood swords the Marto RobinHood’s sword is a commemoration of the literary legend that is found in the classic adventures of the Sherwood Forest. Robinhood is considered the hero of the poor and the oppressed. Robinhood’s sword is custom-crafted and the hilt of this magnificent piece is a proud display of the masterwork of not only its colour but also decoration. The Robinhood’s sword is built on a palette of antiqued silver and is embossed with 24k gold.

The stag and the heralding trumpeter Angels on this RobinHood’s sword offset the deep green stone and also the beautifully made, durable dark leather handle. The pommel bears the insignia "Robin of Locksley." All in all its length is around 48" and the respective sword is a worthy and a much popular addition to the collection of all sword collectors. They are used for decorative purposes only.