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Morning Star Spiked Mace

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Item Number: PK1213S

Deliver a crushing blow with our powerful Morning Star Spiked Mace! 21 removable stainless steel spikes, including one large 2 inch spike on top, serve to concentrate the force of a blow, making short work of even the strongest armor. Constructed of stainless steel, the handle also features a genuine leather wrap to ensure a comfortable grip!

The original wrecking balls, maces were short club like weapons with flanged heads that were effective weapons against plate and mail armor. The morning star was similar to the mace except it typically had longer and much sharper spikes.

Overall Length: 27.25 Inches
Grip: 9 Inches, Leather Wrapped
Spikes: 21, Removable
Weight: 2 Lbs

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Mace Ball
Conan (Unknown) 2/22/2007 1:58 PM
Delivered in SPADES!! The only "Bad" thing is that the spikes are so tight and exact, it takes a minute to thread them! Excellent! © Copyright since 2005
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