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  Last samurai swords

Unlike the movie “the Last samurai” that I had enjoyed a lot (especially the standout performance that had been given by Ken Watanabe and the rest of the Japanese cast) there is not much special about these last samurai swords that make it worth displaying. The Last Samurai swords are cheap and not expensive. They are made up of stainless steel that comes with a rat-tail tang and also plastic fittings. Although there is dark black engraving on the blade of the last samurai swords that looks very impressive but still is not very impressive. But the fact that it is a little better than other cheaply made Japanese swords that are used for displaying cannot be denied. Online, these last samurai swords are available from a whole range of sword sellers. The prices vary for the different swords but basically fall between US$ 19 to almost US$99.

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Last Samurai Hand Forged Katana 1060 Carbon Steel Blade
Regular: $299.99
Your Price: $89.99
This handmade katana features a 1060 high carbon steel blade with inscription, a wooden black glossy finish scabbard and round steel guard. Black cord wrap handle and full tang construction. Includes sword bag, gift box and stand. Overall 41 inches
The Last Samurai Traditional Handmade Japanese Katana
Regular: $603.99
Your Price: $169.99
The full tang blade is 1090 carbon steel. The handle or Tsuka is wrapped in real fish skin with two bamboo pegs and wrapped with a cotton cord. The classic spindle style guard (Tsuba) is made of zinc aluminum. The scabbard is wood. Overall Length 40.5"
The Last Samurai Bokken Set
Regular: $71.99
Your Price: $15.99
Last Samurai Sword 1045 Carbon Steel Blade
Regular: $249.99
Your Price: $69.99