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Handmade Hanakotoba Burgundy Katana

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Item Number: AZ104RD

This sword is known as the Hanakotoba which means "Language of Flowers". The blade of the steel has been hand crafted of 1060 high carbon steel. The carbon has been hand hammered throughout the blade to give the blade a consistent hardness. A Bo-Hi (blood groove) has been added to the top of the blade to better balance the blade and give audible feedback when the sword is swung. A Hamon runs the length of the blade ending at the blade's Kissake. The blade is full tang and sharpened. It also includes ancient inscriptions which mean Language of Flower. The Saya has been constructed from wood with a burgundy lacquer finish. A black cotton Sage-o has been tied around a bright copper Kurigata. The Koi-guchi has been hardened. The saya also has a hand carved flower tree. The Habaki is a one piece brass construction over a brass Seppa. The Tsuba is a ring of flowers with gold and black plated highlights. Each flower is highly detailed. The Fuchi features a blackened copper. The Tsuka core is wooden with imitation Ray Skin Same wrapped over the wood. A black cotton Ito has been wrapped over the Same. Two bamboo Mekugi secure the tang in the Tsuka. Oxidized copper Menuki decorate each side of the Tsuka. The Kashira features black steel. This sword comes with a free sword bag with a yellow flower tree imprint matching the carved tree on the scabbard.

About The Hanakotoba:
Hanakotoba is the "language of flowers" in Japan. At first glance the language of flowers and the most lethal fighting class of Japan do not appear to have anything in common. However, the flower in Japan was not seen as being feminine. Flower arrangement was seen as an essential part of the Samurai's training. In the language of flowers each flower has a different meaning. In the flower language the sun flower means respect.

Overall Length: 40.5 Inches
Blade Length: 28 Inches
Blade: Full Tang, Sharpened, 1060 Carbon Steel, Inscribed
Handle Length: 11 Inches
Includes: Free Sword Bag with Yellow Flower Tree Imprints
Scabbard: Wood, Burgundy High Gloss Finish, Hand Carved Flower Trees

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