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  Claw Gripper Daggers

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Asuma Sarutobi Fighter Trench Knife Set
Regular: $69.99
Your Price: $19.99
Set of 2 throwing knives and trench knife from Naruto. This trench knife is made of solid blackened steel and about 12 inches long. Comes with a nylon holster.
X Claw Dagger 2-Piece Set
Regular: $177.98
Your Price: $44.98
Riddick Claws Gripper Dagger
Regular: $79.99
Your Price: $24.99
X Claw Dagger With Plaque
Regular: $88.99
Your Price: $24.99
These Full size claws are just like the ones from the movie. Overall they are 12 inches and fit in the hand. Free wooden wall plaque to display them from. The blades are 440 stainless steel with a wrapped grip.
Skull & Bones Gauntlet Style Hand Claws
Regular: $97.99
Your Price: $29.99
Predator Circular Shuriken Disc
Regular: $81.99
Your Price: $24.99
Pandora Tribal Dagger Hand Forged Blade Na-Vi
Regular: $49.99
Your Price: $14.99
Pandora Traditional Tribal Dagger Na-vi
Regular: $49.99
Your Price: $14.99 © Copyright since 2005
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