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Knuckle Black Cat Defense Weapon Keychain

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Item Number: 1P4-U009B

This unusual Black Cat Defense keychain packs a mighty punch! The eyes of the cat become finger holes and the ears become spikes when clutched in the hand to create an excellent means of self-defense against an attacker. The black finished stainless aluminum charm includes a silver ring and clasp for attaching keys. Very light and durable, weighs almost nothing. This keychain looks non-threatening, is easy to carry, and will provide you with peace of mind! Size 3.14 X 1.96 inch

Response to Reviewer: loves their customers and we will respond to questions when ever possible. The spiked ears are pointed, but not sharp like the blade of a knife. They will not cut, but are pointy enough to force their way through an object if enough force is applied. The finger hole size is about 0.75 inches and will fit most any size hand. It is meant to be worn half way up the fingers, just like all other standard knuckle buckles and key chain knuckles. Thank you for your interest in the Black Cat Defense Weapon.

Black Cat Key Chain Spikes
Overall Size: 3.14 Inches
Finger Hole: 0.75 Inches
Color: Black