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  300 Movie

Purchase this antique product, displaying the main features of King Leonidas’ sword in the famous movie, 300

A sword is a weapon, having long and sharp edge of metal with a hard handle, used for fighting fiercely with the enemies. Basically a sword has two main parts, first one, blade with sharp point other is hilt, used to perform various functions of cutting, thrusting, striking and fighting to protect against the adversary’ violent attacks. In different civilizations, sword symbolizes the different meanings e.g. in Christianity sword is taken as symbol of violence, warfare and military purposes while in Islamic civilization, it had been used for jihad against profanes. There are a number of names, given to this weapon in accordance with the mythological, literary, historical and fictional point of view, winning popularity among the common people due to the respective significance.

300 Movie sword has been very popular among the fans of this movie, “300 Movie” as the central protagonist which he uses to fight valiantly against the adversaries to win war for the specific purposes. That’s why 300 movie sword has become famous as legendary sword since after the release of this Movie, “300 movie” in march 9, 2007 in American theaters with the breaking records of box office in spite of severe criticism of the critic of 300 Movie. The story of 300 Movie has been derived and extracted from the story of famous novel of frank miller, the graphic novel 300 which is fictionalized by battle of Thermopylae with the direction of Zack Snyder subsequently. The story of 300 Movie revolved round the central character, Spartan King Leonidas(Gerard Butler) who uses his beloved sword, known as 300 movie sword to fight against the chief enemy, Persian King Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) with the assistance of his companions, 300 Spartans. This movie is very suspenseful and horror movie and the audiences give a loud applause to the heroic actions of Spartan King Leonidas who has been popular for his expert swordsmanship, using the sword so swiftly and expertly to fight bravely against his enemy’ largest number of soldiers, almost one millions.

300 Movie Sword has famed with immense popularity due to gallantry actions of the protagonist of the movie with the use of this sword. Inspired by King Leonidas, we have designed very unique styled sword, named as 300 movie sword which is very replication of this legendary warrior’ sword, having black and silver edge with the fantastic handle made of wood. You would highly appreciate this marvellous masterpiece, designed by our experts, giving very unique and antique styled look to the sword and you would feel that you have very similar sword which is displayed in 300 Movie, very rare possession of the main character of film, King Leonidas. We are offering very affordable price packages and you may purchase this 300 Movie sword in the very reasonable price if you want to be army commandos like King Leonidas. 300 Movei sword is really amazing product with high quality assurance of the manufacturers to boost up the selling points to highest level along with the enormous popularity of the customers.

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Ancient Mighty Spartan Facial Battle Mask
Regular: $114.99
Your Price: $44.99
This Ancient Mighty Spartan Facial Battle Mask is constructed of 20 gauge polished mild steel. This mask is lined with leather with leather straps and a brass buckle. This mask has cutouts for the eyes and mouth. Overall dimensions 12.5 x 7 inches.
Spartan King Leonidas Sword Historical Replica
Regular: $179.99
Your Price: $49.99
This heavy axe-like blade is the full sized 26 inches with a razor sharp edge. It is functional as seen on YouTube. The handle grip is wrapped and comes with a thick sheath.
Spartan Warrior Foam Padded Sword LARP
Regular: $56.99
Your Price: $18.99 © Copyright since 2005
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